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Oct 5th!

We are almost upon our International Observe the Moon Night event! Just days to go.


A few things have changed, thanks to the cancelation of the Fall StarBQ due to the violent storms that passed through.


NOW, the International Observe the Moon Night is even BIGGER and BETTER! We will not only have lunar and general evening observing, but also most of the activities we had planned for the StarBQ will be taking place THIS Saturday night.

It is going to be an AMAZING night, and we can't wait to see you all there!



International Observe the Moon Night / StarBQ Rain-date Schedule


Saturday, October 5t.


5:00 to 7:00PM


• Solar Observing in the Observing Field



5:00 to 8:00PM


• Lunar Observing in the Observing Field
• SpaceCraft Activities (science crafts) in Classroom
• Science Demos in Observing Field by Society of Physics Students.
• Walk on the Moon (Map) in the Observing Field.
• (Optional Dinner Sevice) from Mary Ellen's BBQ and Tastee Trailer Food Trucks in the Observing Field.
• Make Balsa Wood Airplanes in the Observing Field.
• Tabletop Telescope Giveaway recipients (who pre-registered) can pick up their telescopes and be trained.
• Free Goodies Table with some neat small NASA giveaways. 
• (Optional) Raffle Ticket Sales for the awesome prizes. Under the main tent.
• Star Wars characters from the 501st Legion will be roaming the grounds for great photo opportunities.



8:15 to 8:30PM


• Raffle Drawing Under the Main Tent



8:30 to 9:00PM


• Live Presentation by Brian Sivill entitled “Modern Space Exploration: The James Web Space Telescope and the Parker Solar Probe.” Under the main tent.


9:00 to 11:00PM


• Evening sky viewing in the Observing Filed and the Boller-Sivill Observatory.

Special Projects and Group Visits

Large School Groups


In the future, once we have our observatory buildings and visitor center open, we will start hosting school group visits during the day for solar viewing and science activities and private evening star parties. Keep your eyes open here for more information.


Small Groups


If your small group (scouting, home school, science club, etc.) would like to visit the Branched Oak Observatory in the near future for a private star party or daytime solar viewing session, please contact us here to set up a date. There may be a nominal fee associated with the the visit that will be used for facility and program development.




Are you an astronomer, astronomy student, or astrophotographer looking for a safe, private, and convenient location to do your work? We would love to have you out at Branched Oak Observatory. Just let us know a minimum of two days ahead of your visit, and will have the area open for your use. There is no charge for this service. 

For wonderful weekly programming and Saturday hours all year, please visit our friends at Hyde Memorial Observatory located in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Holmes Lake Recreation Area.